Recently published: "Comparative Southeast European Studies" 70, No. 1 (2022)

The first issue of 2022 offers contributions by Ioannis Tzortzis, Denisa Kostovicova et al., Andrei Crivenco and Sabine von Löwis, Chiara Bonfiglioli and Sara Zerić, Roswitha Kersten-Pejanić and Guido Hausmann.

Geographically, it comprises case studies on Greece and Turkey, the Western Balkans, Transnistria, Croatia, and Georgia.
The study by Crivenco and von Löwis on Transnistria is a rare example of a research gone contingent over night. Since 24 February many things are radically different.

Comparative Southeast European Studies 70, No. 1 (2022) (open access)