Acquisition requests by libraries

The wish list service of the Specialised Information Service for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies is aimed at libraries as well as researchers. We are happy to support librarians in their work by acquiring hard-to-find literature and e-media and making them available via interlibrary loan. You may forward your requests via the wish list service.

The following options are available:

If you need literature for your users, but are unable to find it due to a lack of supplier networks or acquisition resources, you are welcome to let us know about your requirements. If your suggestions match our profile, we will purchase books and journals (print and electronic) and make them available in Germany via interlibrary loan. For requests of this kind, please use the “Book” or “Magazine” wish list.

We are also happy to receive information about special databases which we will try to license for nationwide access. For information of this kind please use the wish list “web content”.

Do you wish for digitised works to supplement your own collection but do not have the technical and/or financial possibilities to do so? You are welcome to inform us about your digitisation wishes. The Specialised Information Service for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies will take care of digitisation for you under the following conditions:

  • the work to be digitised is available in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek;
  • the title is no longer protected by copyright or out of print (please check in advance!)

We are also happy to accept orders for the correction of defective digital copies. For your digitisation requests, please use the “Digitisation” wish list.

If researchers at your institution are working on websites, we offer to archive them. Archiving can be useful, for example, in the case of government-critical sites at risk of being shut down or in the case of electronic journals, the long-term availability of which cannot be guaranteed.

For requests of this kind, please use the wish list “Web Content”.

You are welcome to send us acquisition information on entire areas of research, for which so far data have rarely been collected in Germany. We will take your information into account for our future collecting activities and make such media available nationwide by interlibrary loan.

For reports of this kind, please use the “Research Trend” wish list.


Do you have questions about our services for libraries? Please do not hesitate to write to us!