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Ukrainian Publications

The digital collection includes over 40 Ukrainian periodicals.

Ukrainian Publications



The digital collection "Ukrainian Publications" offers access to over 40 Ukrainian periodicals in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The publications are stored in the database as “full text”, so the documents can be searched in full. While some of the articles have been available since 1997, more have been added since 2001. Individual issues can be downloaded for more detailed study and referenced thanks to permalinks.

The following periodicals are included in the database. The links lead directly to the respective publication:

  1. Defense Express. English Version
  2. Defense Express. Ukrainian/Russian Version
  3. Defense Express. Weekly Newswire
  4. Delovaia Ukraina
  5. Donbass
  6. Donetsk vechernii
  7. Druk Ukrainy
  8. Ekonomika. Ekonomichni nauky
  9. Holos Ukrainy
  10. Kalendar znamennykh i pam'iatnykh dat
  11. Kommersant"
  12. Korrespondent
  13. Krymskaia pravda
  14. Krymskii kontekst
  15. L'vivs'ka hazeta
  16. Literaturna Ukraina
  17. Litopys avtoreferativ dysertatsii
  18. Litopys hazetnykh statei
  19. Litopys kartografichnykh vydan'
  20. Litopys knyh
  21. Litopys not
  22. Litopys obrazotvorchykh vydan'
  23. Litopys retsenzii
  24. Litopys zhurnal'nykh statei
  25. Molod' Ukrainy
  26. Narodna Armiia
  27. Novi vydannia Ukrainy
  28. Politics and the Times
  29. Polityka. Politychni nauky
  30. Pravda Ukrainy
  31. Rabochaia gazeta
  32. Robitnycha hazeta
  33. Slava Sevastopolia
  34. Ukrains'kyi istorychnyi zhurnal
  35. Vechernii Khar'kov
  36. Vechirnii Kyiv
  37. Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady Ukrainy
  38. Visnyk Knyzhkovoi palaty
  39. Zapiski Obshchestva geoekologov
  40. Zerkalo nedeli
  41. Zovnishni spravy


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The offer is available free of charge throughout Germany and at German institutes abroad via the system of national licenses. At academic libraries and research institutions, users can access it without any special registration. Interested persons without access via a home institution may register for private access if they have their permanent residence in Germany. Please follow the individual registration steps at Once you have registered, you will receive your personal access data by post.

Germany-wide access is made possible within the framework of the Specialised Information Service for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies  at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek with funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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