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Integrum Social Networks: Social Network Analysis Tool

Integrum Social Networks (ISN) enables the analysis of public posts in diverse social networks. Would you like to know what has been posted on the subject of "Eastern Europe"? Create a search in ISN and the analysis tool will automatically save and evaluate all published articles in a number of social networks for you.

Access for researchers of Russia, East and Southeast Europe is free of charge throughout Germany.

Instructions for access

Access is via the Integrum start page by entering user ID and password. You can obtain the access data from the Specialised Information Service (FID) for Russian, East and Southeast European Studies (see below).

Login to ISN with an English user interface

Login to ISN with a Russian user interface


Authorised users

  1. Scholars engaged in research on Eastern Europe and resident in Germany,
  2. Members of a German research institution abroad (e.g. German Historical Institute Moscow).

To get a password, please send a request to fidost-lizenzen(at) with the following information or attachments (as scans):

  1. Professors, members of research institutions, lecturers, post-doctoral and doctoral students: Proof of affiliation to a relevant institution, research department, chair, etc., e.g. with a link to the staff list of the institution, certificate from the secretariat, etc. OR confirmation of the project supervisor and proof of German residency (e.g. copy of valid identity card). Members of a German research institution abroad must provide proof of their residence abroad;
  2. Students, graduates: Confirmation of the Eastern European project topic (e.g. by the project supervisor stating the university) and proof of German residency (e.g. copy of valid identity card).

Questions about usage

The basic idea of ISN is to create a search for one or more words. On this basis, the system begins to store posts containing the keywords. You can use the filter functions to analyse the total amount of posts collected in detail.

ISN evaluates publicly accessible posts in the following social media:

  • Facebook
  • LiveJournal
  • Twitter
  • VKontakte
  • Yandex
  • Youtube

Posts and matching comments responding to the respective search terms can be filtered according to the network of origin and the age, gender and geographical location of the author and may be visualised in statistics. In addition, ISN can be instructed with the help of automated learning and distinguish independently between positive and negative statements.

Search queries can be saved and used for long-term monitoring of diverse topics. ISN covers a period of up to six months per configured search query. In this way, researchers can evaluate the dynamics in social networks in great detail.

You can use the report function to export reports for your search queries as Word documents and use them for further analyses.

ISN accesses publicly accessible posts in social networks, analyses them in real time and stores them in a database that can be analysed by users with the help of filters.

Contributions that are blocked by users from public access will not be searched. Closed Facebook groups, for example, are not analysed by ISN.

Book a training session

Would you like instructions for Integrum Social Networks? We will be happy to answer your queries or provide training sessions for the analysis tool in an individual consultation appointment.

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