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The main search gateway for your scientific research on Eastern, Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe

osmikonSEARCH offers the possibility to search simultaneously in relevant German and international library catalogues, bibliographies and special databases for scientific literature and research material on Eastern, Eastern Central and Southeastern Europe. Search for publications in all media forms via a search interface and find books, journals, essays, reviews, maps, pictures and research-relevant websites etc.




Special Research Offers

ARTOS – Articles and Reviews on Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

The ARTOS database lists professional articles and reviews from about 350 current journals and selected edited volumes in the broad spectrum of research in the humanities and social sciences from eastern and southeastern Europe and about the region. Furthermore, a subscription service - ARTOS AboService - is offered within the framework of ARTOS. Here you can be regularly informed by e-mail about current articles and reviews.

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OstDok – Eastern European Documents Online

In the special repository OstDok you can search for electronic full texts related to research on Eastern, Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. An additional browsing function makes it easy to search by topic, region and period.

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OstNet - Internet Resources on Eastern, Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe

OstNet, the catalogue of internet resources, lists scientifically relevant websites and online documents on Eastern, Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. These can be explored efficiently by searching for a specific topic.

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Index of microforms on history in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (VMG-BSB)

The "Verzeichnis der Mikroformen zur Geschichte in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek" (''Index of Microforms on History in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek'') is a record instrument for one of the largest and thematically broadest collections of microfilmed and otherwise unpublished archival documents in the world which are in the possession of the BSB. The microforms can also be researched and ordered in the BSB catalogue OPACplus.

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Header Suchen: Serbischer Psalter © BSB / Cod.slav. 4 (Ausschnitt der Bildnr. 457), CC BYNC-SA 4.0




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National Libraries and Library Associations in Eastern and South Eastern Europe

Verzeichnis der ost- und südosteuropäischen Nationalbibliotheken und Bibliotheksverbünde mit Links zu den Online-Katalogen (PDF)