OstDok, the document and publication server for interdisciplinary research on Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, offers researchers the opportunity to publish research results electronically in open access.

You can:

  • electronically publish original research,
  • re-publish electronically already published works,
  • publish thematic dossiers additionally on,
  • publish research data, 
  • publish ego documents in digital form.

Research institutions also have the option of electronically hosting scientific journals published under their own editorship. It is also possible to set up a moving wall.

Picture credits

Header Publizieren: „Russiae, Moscoviae Et Tartariae Descriptio“ © BSB / 2 Mapp. 140 f-91 (Kartenausschnitt), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Elektronische Erstveröffentlichungen: Open Access-Goldener Weg © Open access, A. Štanzel | Elektronische Zweitveröffentlichungen: Open Access-Grüner Weg © Open access, A. Štanzel | Themendossiers publizieren: © A. Štanzel | Forschungsdaten veröffentlichen: © OstData / BSB | Ego-Dokumente veröffentlichen: E. Rammelmeyer, "Brief an die Kinder", 1913, Nachlass der Familie Rammelmeyer, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 | E-Journals bereitstellen: OJS © Open Journal Systems, A. Štanzel | OstDok-Logo: © OstDok / BSB



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