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EBSEES lists books, journal articles, reviews and dissertations on the countries of Eastern Europe published in Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland between 1991 and 2007. The database contains more than 85,500 references of works.

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European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES)

A completed bibliography with over 3,000 essays and monographs on the history of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus up to around 1700, listing the specialist literature published since 1993 and compiled by the Osteuropa-Institut München.

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This bibliography includes 1,440 monographs and essays. The focus is on the period since 1918 and on the "Serbo-Croatian" areas (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro). The bibliography was financed by the Scientific Working Group for World Church Affairs at the German Bishops' Conference. It was developed within the framework of the "Historians of Religious History" project, also sponsored by the Bishops' Conference, which has been bringing together Serbian, Croatian and Bosniak researchers at conferences in Germany since 1995.

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A bibliography of publications on Romance linguistics and literary studies (excluding French literary studies), Listing monographs and articles from journals, congress papers, collected editions as well as reviews, for example from Romania. Please note: Available as pay-per-use license only.

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Romance Studies Bibliography

With more than 5 million records, the Russian National Bibliography contains bibliographic title records of books (from 1980 onwards), newspapers, magazines, dissertations, reviews, music and art-related publications and maps (all from 1998 onwards).

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Universal Database of Russian National Bibliography

Reference works

Overview of online resources on Eastern European history.

Clio Online Guide Eastern Europe

This database lists the most important dates across all areas of Russian history, from the country’s beginnings up to the October Revolution of 1917, with the possibility of searching by date, period and epoch. Based on the book Hösch, Edgar / Grabmüller, Hans-Jürgen: Daten der russischen Geschichte. Von den Anfängen bis 1917. München 1981.

Dates in Russian History

Scientific reference book with information on the culture and history of the Germans in Eastern Europe. The encyclopaedia covers historical regions such as Silesia, Pomerania, Prussia, Transylvania, the Bohemian lands as well as the German settlement areas in the Baltic States and Russia, and includes articles on places and cities, regions, countries as well as terms and concepts.

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Online Encyclopedia of the culture and history of the Germans in Eastern Europe

An extensive directory of internet resources on Eastern European countries from the Duke University, including links to media, dictionaries, government and academic institutions etc.

Webliography on Eastern Europe


Introductions to current issues and research approaches to the history and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Digitales Handbuch zur Geschichte und Kultur Russlands und Osteuropas

Social and cultural history of Eastern European sport in international comparison.

Digitales Handbuch der Sportgeschichte Osteuropas

Online handbook on the history of Southeast Europe, published by IOS Regensburg.

Online-Handbuch zur Geschichte Südosteuropas

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