Recommended websites and databases with biographical material on persons related to Russia, East and Southeast Europe

The database of Polish personal names has been built up by Dr. Rainer Berg since 1983 and today contains about 61,000 entries.

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Baza osób polskich i z Polską związanych

The biographical database "Biografický slovník" contains around 51,000 basic items of information on significant living and deceased persons in Czech history.

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Biograficky slovník českých zemí

In its four volumes, the biographical lexicon offers more than 1,500 name articles, the register of persons included in volume IV provides a further 10,000 or so personal details. The temporal selection criterion is the significance of the persons recorded in the epochs from the Middle Ages to 1945.

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Biographical lexicon on the history of Southeast Europe

The Biographical Portal provides access to the following services via a common register:

  • Austrian Biographical Lexicon 1815-1950 (ÖBL)
  • Biographical lexicon on the history of Southeast Europe (BioLexSOE)
  • Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HLS)
  • New German Biography (NDB)
  • Österreichisches Musiklexikon (OeML)
  • People database of Rhineland-Palatinate (RPPD)
  • Saxon biography (SäBi)
  • Slovenian biography (SBL) (5.000 names)
  • Universal German Biography (ADB)

The spectrum of biographies covers all areas of public life such as politics, business and technology, science, art and culture. Chronologically, the offer ranges from antiquity to almost the present.

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Biographical Portal

Professor Erik Amburger's extensive personal archive contains data on almost 100,000 foreigners in the Russian Empire.

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Erik Amburger Database

The Croatian Biographical Lexicon is based on the print edition from 1983 onwards and is constantly updated. So far 8 volumes (A-Li) with 11,423 articles and 3,873 illustrations have been published (as of October 2014).

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Hrvatski Biografski Leksikon

The "Online Polish Biographical Dictionary" is the Internet version of the Polish Biographical Dictionary "Polski Słownik Biograficzny" published by the Polish Academy of Sciences and published in Cracow since 1935. The online version contains articles and - via the link to (Polski Portal Biograficzny) - also media files on persons of Polish history. The period covered ranges from the 9th century to the year of death 2000.

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Internetowy Polski Słownik Biograficzny

Biographies of persons from Hungarian history, culture etc. in the period 1000-1990. The database ends with the year 1990.

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Magyar Eletrajzi Lexikon

The Austrian Biographical Lexicon 1815-1950 is an interdisciplinary and supranational encyclopaedia of important persons who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields through extraordinary achievements and who were born, lived or worked in the respective Austrian state federation (i.e. also in the former crown lands) and died between 1815 and 1950.

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Austrian Biographical Lexicon | Open Access Version

Austrian Biographical Lexicon | Premium version as pay-per-use licence (with significantly extended search options, e.g. full-text search in the articles)

The World Biographical Information System Online comprises several million short biographies from numerous reference works published from the 16th to the beginning of the 21st century. Among others are included: Baltic Biographical Archive, Biographical Archive of the Soviet Union, Czech and Slovak Biographical Archive, Greek Biographical Archive, Hungarian Biographical Archive, Jewish Biographical Archive, Polish Biographical Archive, Russian Biographical Archive, Southeast European Biographical Archive (national licence).

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World Biographical Information System

The database contains short descriptions of selected personalities from politics, economy, science and culture of East Central Europe. The underlying materials - the so-called personal archive with about 200,000 dossiers - are part of the press clippings collection, which comprises about 5 million units.

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Central Register of Persons

Further Biographical Material

Further biographical databases can be researched via the Database Information System or in OstNet, our directory for Internet resources.

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